Testatina Reggio interna

Send your idea

We are looking for ideas, not plans!

The idea we would like to receive should have the following characteristics:

  • concreteness: feasible ideas consistent with the context of reference
  • simplicity: useful, not necessarily grandiose ideas, capable of acting as "missing links" with the primary function of exploiting the energies and values already existing in the places concerned, in some cases in an isolated manner
  • practicability: effectively practicable hypotheses and proposals
  • original: where possible, innovative contributions capable of "surprising" more than amazing! 

If you decide to participate in the competition, in addition to your proposal you will need to draft an abstract.
The abstract will be published on this website after the competition has been concluded and will be voted on by all.
The publication of the abstracts for proposals is aimed at spurring confrontation between ideas and participants and other visitors to the site; open competition yields mutual benefits for all ideas presented and, while still protecting the value of originality, stimulates additional creativity.
By using a voting system visitors can express their appreciation for your proposal by voting for it.

The results of the popular vote will have no bearing on the selection by the Evaluation Committee. The proposals that receive the highest level of appreciation will receive special mention during the award ceremony for the competition's winners.

The Competition closed on March 28, 2013.
From March 29 to July 2, 2013 was active the online voting. On July 3, 2013 the Evaluation Committee appointed the winning ideas.

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